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403 calls- 72 drills
403 calls- 83 drills
390 calls- 76 drills
410 calls- 94 drills
498 calls- 90 drills
563 calls- 98 drills
518 calls- 84 drills
Monday, March 10, 2014 
12 years ago the Prospect Park Fire Co. started the program of after a working building fire in our town, we will visit the entire block and go door to door to make sure that all the residents have working smoke detectors and fresh batteries in them. If they do not, we will provide a free smoke detector and install it free of charge. By installing the smoke detector we ensure that it installed and installed properly in the optimum location. Then we train the resident how to test the unit and change the battery. We remind our neighbors to test the detector monthly and change the batteries when you change the clocks for day light savings time. The crews will also hand out Fire Prevention Literature to help ensure our residents are prepared en-case an emergency should happen to them. We also encourage them to attend our annual Fire Prevention Open House in October during Fire Prevention Week. If you or anybody you know that lives in Prospect Park needs a smoke detector please call us at (610)-522-1830