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403 calls- 72 drills
403 calls- 83 drills
390 calls- 76 drills
410 calls- 94 drills
498 calls- 90 drills
563 calls- 98 drills
518 calls- 84 drills
RIT run to Darby for a 3-alarm Fire
Saturday, June 10, 2017 
On Saturday afternoon RIT 8 and RIT 19 were added to a Building Fire response in Darby Borough shortly after dispatch with reports of fire through the roof. Soon after arrival of a Second Alarm was added as crews face a fire in both sides of a a 2.5 story twin on Main Street. RIT 8 conducted our normal RIT duties, forced a few doors, removed security bars from windows to help soften the building. Staged our Equipment and did multiple 360's to keep track of conditions.

Photos from our members as well as Darby's Facebook Page.